About Me

I’m Scott Madere, a historian focusing on European and military history. My research centers on the influence of classical antiquity on eighteenth-century militaries, but I enjoy writing about historical topics of all genres and periods, from ancient to modern.

My background: I am a former journalist and communications specialist. I hold a Master’s degree in Military History from Norwich University and I will earn my Ph.D. in European History from LSU in Spring, 2024.

I have four semesters of experience leading senior-level World War II courses and eight semesters of experience teaching Western Civilization, World History, and Modern European History as a graduate assistant at LSU.

I believe very strongly in presenting history in a way that is easy to understand and I very much enjoy sharing my passion for history with others.

I am currently seeking employment as an associate professor or instructor of history at a college or university . If you are looking for someone who will work tirelessly for the benefit of his students, we should talk. Please send me a message at [email protected].